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Several hundred firefighters gathered in downtown Denver on the 10th Anniversary of the attack of the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001. Men and women from Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming participated in climbing 110 floors of the Century Link building at 1801 California Street. Each firefighter carried a picture of a firefighter that died on that tragic day and climbed in their memory. People started gathering at 7:30 AM and soon the loading dock area was full of firefighters ready to make the climb. The crowd enjoyed a slideshow that brought back memories of the sobering and history making events of that day and it reminded everyone of the strength, courage, sense of duty and the fragility of life of those that lost their lives that beautiful clear morning. As the teams from their respective departments finished and assembled on the roof you could see the sense of accomplishment and pride for those that they were there to pay their respects to even as the sweat poured from foreheads as they emerged from the stairwells.
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