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11/05 ~ At 03:31 Denver Firefighters were dispatched out to a structure fire with party trapped at 3878 Utica Street. Engine’s 7 and 17 reported seeing smoke while en-route. First due Engine 17 laid in from 38th and Utica and reported a fully involved structure fire that had self-vented in a single story residential structure. Upon arrival Engine 7 established a water supply from the plug at 39th and Utica. Crews pulled multiple lines and went into fast attack mode. Crews from Truck 12 and Tower 4 began primary interior search and the HAMER was assigned to RIT. Within minutes the fire was placed under control and crews began PPV. 1 elderly female victim was located and extricated from the rear of the structure and was transported Code 10 to University by DG while another occupant had self evacuated to a neighbors garage and was evaluated by Denver Paramedics. All other searches proved negative and the fire is under investigation. The elderly female occupant that was pulled from the structure and transported did not survive.
Companies On The Ticket: D02, D06, E7, E17, E12, T12, TR04, RESCUE1, HAMER1, ARSON, DENVER PARAMEDICS
Special Call: E6
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