Every morning the sun brings on a new day in Colorado. I am honored to call myself a Colorado native and still call this beautiful state home. From it's people, the deserts and plains to the mountains and the alpine tundra, the camera and the photographer behind it never tires of this state's grand beauty every day of the year. I love being a photographer and being able to capture a moment in time in order to share the wondrous people, places and things that Colorado has to offer.

I have been a photographer for years, but I have re-dedicated myself to the joy and passion that the profession brings with it. A good friend and fellow photographer once told me that most who commit themselves to photography also find themselves making a business of it.

I also provide editorial fire photography work for 5280fire.com (http://www.5280fire.com) photographing the men and women firefighters of numerous Denver Metro and Front Range Fire Departments at work. In addition, I also serve as a department photographer for a Denver area fire department. These brave men and women put their lives on the line in order to serve the residents of the communities in which they serve and deserve to be recognized as the hero's they are.